Recover the warm and purity of vinyls sound ... your records are sublimated and resurrected.

High-end cleaning processes to reveal the best of sound !

Record Clinic is cleaning and stabilizing your media in order to stop degradation due to time, poor achiving conditions or handling. 
Thanks to unique contactless and alcohol-free cleaning processes for vinyl records and based on ultrapure laboratory grade water, ultrasonic cleaning and suction drying, we provide very high quality results. 

The covers undergo a sanitize treatment to avoid recontamination of the media (Ultimate process).

No need to invest in very expensive equipment, save your time to listen your records. Record Clinic is there to do the job perfectly.

So, increase the value of your records and the pleasure of listening thanks to our three ranges of services :

For new vinyls or in very good condition. Strong reduction of surface noise, space and enlarged bandwidth will be met. The record will not attract dusts anymore et will become easy to maintain clean.


Strong cleaning for old, but in good condition, records. Clicks due to dusts are removed. The sound is magnified, and your record become almost new for many, many years. 

This service includes sanitization of the inner sleeve if printed.

High-end cleaning for old records or bulks nuggets. This service adress collectors or valued records as well, which need exceptionnal care. 

It's the ultimate cleaning offer. Your records will recover blowing and sound clarity thanks to this comprehensive process. The insult of years will be wiped out, original signal will be restored for a lasting listening pleasure.

This service includes sanitization of the sleeve and the inner sleeve if printed.


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33rpm (12 in.) - Advanced

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Price €8.00

Sleeve Cleaning

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Price €2.50

copy of 33rpm (12 in.) -...

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Price €6.00

Shellac 78T - Ultimate

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Price €7.50

copy of 33rpm (12 in.) -...

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Price €10.00

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