Digitisation + Restoration EP 10 in. or Maxi 45rpm

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High-end archiving: Uncompromising direct digitization with high-end professional hardware, followed by processing under Izotope RX7 Advanced for the elimination of clicks and other sound artifacts. The natural next step after Record Clinic Preservation treatment. Your files are delivered in the format of your choice, with the metadata to make the most of your music player or multimedia system.


The vinyl is digitized from a professional EMT 948 turntable directly through a high-end RME encoder in 96KHz/24-bit (default), and recorded with Wavelab Pro 10. Then processing under Izotope RX7 Advanced is performed to eliminate clicks and other sonic artifacts. The files are then converted to the chosen format (WAV, AIFF, CD, FLAC, OGG, MP3). Titles are separated and metadata are filled in (including visuals) for optimal retrieval on your player, smartphone, computer or media server.


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