Shipping Kit 15 to 20 - 12 in.

Tax included

Record Clinic has designed Shipping Kits adapted to the volume of records to be processed for clients and which allow secure transport.

This kit, particularly sturdy, adapted to the sending of fifteen to twenty 12 inches (33rpm or Max 45) records with their sleeves or up to 40 records without sleeves.


This kit, suitable for sending fifteen to twenty 12 inches (33rpm or Max 45) with their sleeve or up to 40 records without sleeves:


  • A cardboard box with perfect dimensions for a safe transport of your records.
  • A sheet of bubble wrap to protect your records in the shipping carton
  • An instruction manual that explains how to pack your discs properly.
  • A Work Order Form, which you will complete in order to describe the work we have to do on each record you entrust to us.
  • A promotion code that will allow you to deduct the value of the kit from your order of services.

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