Record Clinic offers uncompromising digitization thanks to its professional equipment: EMT turntable, equipped with Stanton and Ortophon cartridges; Tascam 122-MKIII tape deck; RME ADI-2 PRO FS ADC converter.


In addition to the cleaning offer, we ensure the digitization of media according to the best current standards (Hi-Res). The digital audio files will thus constitute an unalterable copy of the original recordings.


The media is digitized using specialized, high-end equipment to produce the most perfect digital image of the analog media and is then converted into the file format chosen by the client.


The metadata (Title, Artist, Year, Cover, ...) are entered in each file. At this stage, no signal processing is performed. The original media can then be archived while remaining available in its digital format.


This service is available depending on the media; Vinyl, 78T, cassettes, tapes, CDs, etc.


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Digitisation 33rpm (LP)

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Price €15.00

Digitisation EP 10 in. or...

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Price €12.00

Digitisation 45rpm (7 in.)

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Price €7.00

Digitisation Shellac

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Price €10.00

Digitisation Compact Cassette

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Price €15.00

copy of Digitisation...

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Price €40.00

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